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Making Money Online Is the Answer to Almost Every Blogger


How to fulfill this dream, they do not know so sometimes they are behind the clicks that sit on the site and keep clicking on Ads and get paid and sometimes some way.

One of the best and most effective online prescriptions for making money online is that you can earn forty thousand to five million monthly, and that’s it.

“Online Business.”

You can call Facebook the root of a thousand evils, but no other platform will give you as much opportunity to improve your life or career as you do.

In this article, I will tell you what adherence to the rules and regulations you can start an online business – and make it a success.


Firstly find your focus – what you want to sell in online business. For that, you want to visit your city or a major city nearby – meet different people, research what such a thing is. Which is made here and does not happen anywhere else, or if it is made elsewhere, it is not like that. As Kamaliya Khadar is famous. Winter shawls are famous … Do all your research work and decide what to sell or what to sell. That means focusing on one product or selling different things.

Facebook Page:

Think of your business name, what you plan to sell, and create a page on Facebook with the same name – on this page the next day after creating the page. Have a nice logo that you can design yourself or have someone do. Remember that a profile picture should have your business or company name written on it. Next, Upload your page’s designated Facebook cover of the day – and the Facebook cover must include a name for your business name, your product name, your mobile number, and a half picture of the product. And then the next day you have to sell your first product on this page … I have said all of this with a one-day difference because if you create a page in one day If you start selling the same day with a cover and logo, many people will not consider your page anything but a hoax;

If you want to be a billionaire, see the graph below, see 100 days profit, It is 110% reliable and really very fast P2P payment only you have to join and get two people on your back and then make a profit. Have a look below at teaching me how to ask and help

This is the interpretation of the chart.

  1.  Level 1 – When your first two straight down lines add you to 0.03 you reach level 2 of each
  2.  Level 2 – When your second line 4 goes down to level 2, you reach level 3
  3.  Level 3- When 8 of you reduce the third line to level 3, you will level up to level 4.
  4.  Level 4 – When 16 of your fourth line moves down to level 4, you will level up to level 5.
  5.  Level 5- When level 32 of your fifth line goes down to level 5, you will complete the 2×5 matrix.
  6.  So now from level 6-10. The same team that starts with you at Levels 1–5 will move up to Level 6-10 with you.

Sell ​​Products Online:

You will not be able to sell as long as the product is good enough to satisfy the customer. If you are afraid, the product will be returned or not received, and you will have to pay delivery charges, don’t worry because there will be some hassle and loss in selling the product and making a name inside the market.

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