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What Is Online Hacking Of Credit, Debit Cards Or Bank Accounts?

The Dark Web the Global Market For Cyber-crime:

One mistake you make can keep you from earning a lifetime. There is a secret network in the world called the Dark Web, which deals with the sale and sale of crimes and prohibitions around the world. We can also call the Dark Web the global market for cybercrime. Most deals on the Dark Web are about theft of hacked credit and debit cards because debits and credit cards are an easy target for hackers, which makes them more targeted.

How can you protect your bank account and ATM card from online hackers?

Learn useful tips

Credit card hacking is much easier than debit cards in which a hacker gets a credit card number, secret cvv code and expiry date, and then sells this information on the Dark Web for a very low price. Credit card hacking is easy because its international user session (ie web user session) is open around the clock. This means that the buyer of the dark card stolen at a very low cost on the Dark Web can easily use it once or twice, unless the actual user of the card blocks his or her card. That’s why credit card users are required to keep their credit card information confidential or lose their valuable capital.

What Are The Bank Services That You Should Activate?

In comparison, the issue of debit cards is a bit misguided. In order to use a debit or ATM card, the user must first call their bank and open their card session for online hours for online shopping.

What should I do to use a credit card online at a shopping card website?

Criminal hackers first obtain the bank user’s account numbers and informational phone number information in some way and then call the user by calling the bank staff, their card number, the cvv code on the back of the card, and the expiry date. Find out, then hackers jam up the bank system and open their session and sell the card information on the Dark Web. The buyer of these cards on the Dark Web makes any purchase of these cards in a very short time before the cards are blocked.

Here are a few suggestions from consumers to help prevent this:

  1. First of all keep your debit card and credit card information confidential;
  2. Tap the cvv code on the back and remove it only when used or remember the cvv code verbally;
  3. When giving a card to a salesman at any shopping center or shopping center, be careful not to mention your card number;
  4. Do not allow anyone to take pictures of your credit or debit card;
  5. Before purchasing any website, make sure that the website is secure;
  6. Debit card or ATM card users should always place their cards in session blocking mode and open your card session only when making a purchase;
  7. Whenever you receive a message from a transaction that you did not make, call your bank immediately and get your card blocked;
  8. Remember that you do not get your card details over the phone from any Bank or State Bank of Pakistan. Do not include your card details on incoming calls. After the incoming calls from any number, note the number and file your complaint to your bank and the State Bank immediately.
  9. If you consider, all of these measures are very modest, which comes under “caution” and caution is far better than regret.

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