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What Marketers Need To Know, The Story Of The Founder Of Instagram


Instagram was launched in 2010 by Kevin Sistrom and his friend Mike Krieger. From its inception to today, it has been spreading across the world. Within the first two months, 1 million users of Instagram had surfaced, and by September 2017, they had reached 80 million. In 2012, Facebook bought this social media platform from Kevin for a billion dollars, and today, it is considered the most exciting social app in the world because the cool factors that it has are not available on any other platform.

What is Instagram?

It’s a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based app that provides photo and video sharing services. On it, you upload photos and videos, hashtags, geotags, and graphical stickers. Not only that, but it can also make interesting edits to your photos by placing augmented reality objects, multi-bridge graphical filters. The Explore tab helps users find nearby popular photos and videos. With a hashtag on the photo-sharing platform, you can connect photos and videos and upload other content and follow a specific person or content with the hashtag.

How to get started:

This social media platform, popular with children and especially teens, is more widely used in specific age groups. Instagram is the invention of Kevin Sistrom, a graduate of Stanford University, who has never studied software engineering. He was an ordinary, average-minded student, though he had a passion for photography since childhood, as well as his passion for art. He went to countries and read about it. Then Kevin joined ‘Next Stop,’ which was bought by Facebook in 2010. Here Kevin continued to do a little bit of lightweight coding and programming.

Who Came Up with Instagram:

After finishing work in the evening, he was learning more programming in the office, but he never thought about making this or any special career. He continued to have fun while studying. Every day he tries to create a new game by combining different components of ‘Mafia Wars’ and ‘Four Square.’ He was told by NeXT stop to do this. (Mafia Wars is a popular game, which has won the People’s Choice Award. Foursquare is also a popular game) You might be surprised to see more of Kevin’s job. However, while learning to program, he came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčInstagram. He figured out why not create an app that could only be used to send or share pictures to one another. He continued to do lightweight programming over time and then launched in 2010.

What was Instagram Originally Created For?

Given Instagram tremendous popularity, Facebook bought it for $ 1 billion in 2012. Since Instagram was a teenager, no one thought it would be such a hit. It didn’t take long for Kevin’s app to become popular around the world, and Kevin was in that good fortune, which, despite the reckless behavior, was so high. This was a success.

How Do You Start Your Own Investment Fund

In fact, one day, Kevin’s teacher showed him a Helga camera, which inspired Kevin to start looking for an investor to create this app, after which the Instagram app was introduced to the public. The website exceeded Twitter. Company chief Kevin Sistrom called it a milestone when it reached 30 million subscribers.

Verified Instagram accounts like Facebook and Twitter

Kevin Strom said that on Instagram, you could see pictures taken around the world. Instagram is also introducing verified accounts like Facebook and Twitter. The system added that we only want real accounts on Instagram. So that people


Be sure to follow the real accounts. The company has announced that it is removing all fake accounts and accounts that break the rules of social media platforms. According to Instagram co-founder, the company will soon add new features, which will help consumers see what they like. If you’re interested in the World Cup, Then you will see what the football players are doing before going on the field.

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