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Youth Unaware of Earning from Facebook

A few years ago it was heard that young people have become obsessed with Facebook, and they are getting attracted to other social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, etc., but soon find out that there is nothing and they again Returning to Facebook. The situation on Facebook changes from moment to moment, people come and go. The next thing in the evening is the big talk, the next morning it is nowhere to be mentioned and a new debate appears to be in its place. The main thing about social media is that things happen fast here and then disappear. One thing is certain in this cycle, however: Everywhere in the world, Facebook, however, is in the control of young people, they are always dominating it. An American research firm says that Facebook is still the most popular social network among people of all ages, but more than 80 percent of its users are teenager.

How do you know if you are eligible for monetization on Facebook?

Facebook’s mission is very clear, and they It enables people to freely contact anyone in the world and exchange information. Today, with Facebook, people are always connected to their friends and family. Whatever happens in the world, be aware of it, comment on it, share it with others and then walk away. Facebook is the heartthrob of young people everywhere because of its features.

How many young people in the world will use Facebook?

Answering this question is difficult enough to answer correctly. There is a bunch of statistics that are scattered all over the Internet. And even then, no 102165565 facebook.530×298 agrees that young or young. Each country and institution has its own definition. However, according to a colleague named Craig Smith, 66% of young people in the world between the ages of fifteen to thirty-four use Facebook. Elsewhere, half of the young people in the world must share at least once a week on Facebook where they are and what they are doing. According to another study, Facebook and the content posted on it are so attractive that more than half of young people in the world check their timeline first in the morning. Researchers looking for human behavior are sometimes wondering.

Facebook Pay for Content

Elsewhere, he points out that boys and girls are so crazy about Facebook that a large number of them check their Facebook account before leaving for bed in the morning. Facebook is really the last thing. Everything less than the elderly Let parents leave, grandparents and grandparents are also on Facebook, though this is a place for their children to play. Is. One of the disadvantages of the arrival of the seniors on Facebook is that seniors often disappear from here, maybe they don’t want their adults to know what they do here. Or what do they really think? It seems to me that Facebook is the only activity of youth in human history in which the elderly are also taking part. For example, my uncle is also on Facebook, although he is a living person in the past and he has nothing to do with changing circumstances.

Similarly, I have a former principal who is above seventy-five, he is very active on Facebook, and otherwise he keeps in touch with his students, friends and loved ones and encourages them through his messages. When a friend of my friend sent me a “friend request”, I was very surprised that her aunt was a housewife with a religious background, what did she find out about Facebook? Through Facebook, foreigners stay in touch with their sons, and the truth is that I love that parents stay in touch with their children and don’t suffer from loneliness and sad things. It’s exciting that older people are also able to learn new things and are adopting technologies like Facebook.

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